Sunday, 29 March 2015

A blog reawakening

I feel, for some reason, that I ought to begin this post with an apology.  It is quite a while since I last penned a piece, but it is not for this that I wish to say sorry.  Rather, to those of you who have been alerted to the presence of a new entry, perhaps by email or via Twitter, and who have arrived here full of expectation, looking forward to a read of some substance, that I speak when warning my readers that this will not be a long post.

I actually have plenty that I want to tell you, with the fledgling ideas for several entries stored away waiting for me to find the time, inclination, and, yes, the words to put them together.  But now is not the moment.

So what is this moment for, and why have I already spent the best part of two paragraphs telling you precisely nothing?  Well, I am sitting here writing this post on my MacBookAir, a computer which I purchased almost three years ago, just before the wonderful London 2012 Games, with the intention of writing more.  Having used an iPhone for several years beforehand I had felt confident that I could make the switch from Windows to OS X without too much difficulty, and that then was the time to begin using a screenreader - in this case, VoiceOver, for the majority of my interactions with the machine.  Things didn’t work out however, I struggled to get to grips with both operating system and access technology, and soon my enthusiasm for blogging - or pretty much anything that involved my rather expensive white elephant -waned.

Fast forward to early 2015 and, having rebuilt my Mac-confidence using other machines, I finally felt ready to give it another shot.  I wiped the MacBook and installed the latest software, returning it to that lovely just-out-the-box state when everything is new and exciting and nothing feels like too much trouble.  We’ll see how long that feeling lasts, but for the moment I am trying out a new (for me) blogging Client, “MarsEdit”, and have even invested in a domain name for the blog.  All I need to do now is turn inspiration and inclination into articles for you to read!

So, the aim of this post was to be something of a testing ground for the new domain (, for MarsEdit and for my reborn MacBookAir.  How much easier is it to type out a post on the laptop rather than thumbs on the iPhone?  How much simpler will it be to check and post?  Am I any more likely to write, having taken away some of the barriers of doing it on a phone?  The answer to the first two questions is undoubtedly “yes”, but the jury’s still out on whether any of this will make a difference to the frequency of my posting.

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